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About this Wiki

This wiki was created so that all players of Pawn Tactics would have a one-stop resource for everything they needed to know about Pawn Tactics. If you have a question that cannot be answered by this wiki then please go here for help.

About Pawn Tactics

If some of you visitors just stumbled upon this website using a search engine or a URL on another site, you might wonder what is "Pawn Tactics". Well to start off, Pawn Tactics is a 2D top-down shooter powered by Adobe Flash. It was created and is maintained, patched, and updated by a two-man crew known as "Blank101" and "JP". When you enter a game in Pawn Tactics, you will notice how you can choose between five different classes, just like in Call of Duty. You'll also notice that the other players aren't robots but that they are human! The best thing about Pawn Tactics is that it is completely free, and multiplayer.

So if you want to give a spin, then click this link. (At the moment it is an open beta).

Editing\Adding to this Wiki

Editing and adding to this wiki is almost self-explanatory but we will keep a few articles piled just in case. You might also want to read the wiki syntax so that you can create great articles instead of unorganized and plain articles. Don't worry if you can't learn all of it, you'll only need some and experienced wiki editors can clean up after you.

Wiki RULES (Must read for editors)

Pawn Tactics doesn't need a wiki that looks like it was made by five-year-olds. Therefore this list of requirements is provided:

  • Neutral Point of View
    • First of all, we don't need your arguments on this wiki. If you think that this and that is "n00by" then you need to keep that to yourself. This wiki was made to help, not so it could turn into a huge editing war.
  • Knowingly False Information
    • If you want to correct an answer, please make sure you have read the previous answer to make sure the answer really needs to be corrected. Failure to comply will result in an unexpected ban.
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • You're free to spell everything however you like (unless you're in school) but this is a wiki that will help others. People are going to be confused if you can't use correct English. If you need help on spelling, then you can put your incorrect spelling into Google and it will fix it for you.
  • Respectful Behavior
    • This wiki is a wiki, not a burnbook. Do not EVER insult others using this wiki.
  • Free Licensing
    • Everything and anything you contribute to this wiki is provided free of charge and can be used in anyway as long as it is done on this wiki or on http://www.pawnstudios.com. This license does not apply outside of the specified locations.
  • This wiki is not for classes that you just made up
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License