Pawn Tactics has a clan system within the game. Quite amazing actually, there is even clan ranking. A clan ranks up by recruiting members. When those members do an action which affects their points, it also affects the points of a clan. For example, if a [DSX] member gained 10 points, then [DSX] will also gain ten points. To view the clan page, go to the game lobby (or chatroom), find the Clan tab on the top-right, and click it.

Creating a Clan

You need 100,000 points to make one. You'll see a box that's labeled "Create Clan." You will see within the box the terms: 'Tags', 'Clan Name', and 'Clan Description'. So if i were to make a clan, I'd Name it "Gifted Odes Deformity" and tag it "[GOD]" and describe it as "The best damn clan that pawn tactics has ever seen!" Lastly I would click create. Later, you can edit your clan on the box on the top.


On the bottom-middle, you will see a box that says "Out Going Invites". There's a section where you may add a player's name. After that, click 'Invite' and it will send the player an invitation. On the other hand, if people apply, you'll see a box saying "Incoming Invites", with a list of names. There you can accept or decline them.


There is a box on the left labeled 'Members'. You can remove, promote, or demote them, join their game, or whisper to them. You can see those options on the bottom of the box. Note that if you promote a member, they can invite people into your clan.

actually the clan scoring has been changed! now instead of DSX member getting 10 points the clan gets 10 points there is a clan wars system this is when 2 clans fight each other. whoever wins get 2 points if you lose you get -1 point

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