Class Roles

Class Roles

Assault Infantry
"Assault" Infantry is more of a grenadier or a cover fire. They are slow, but pack enough firepower to haul enemies. The role in combat that they play is "Artillery" or "Offensive". Now they also have a melee attack, allowing heavier firepower.

Support infantry are suppost to be medics for the team, but can be horribly deadly in close range combat. There Shotgun is a deadly weapon even for beginners. The downside is that they are slow and because of the red cross, make excellent targets. There role is probably "Defender" or "light infantry".

Heavy infantry is basicly a mobile machine gun bunker. They can cut down lights and mediums and at some point heavies. Recently they have a melee attack, just like assault.The bad part is that there slow and when camping, unable to avoid grenades. So over all they are "defensive".

They play the role of a spy or assassin, able to camoflage and kill. They are fast, mobile and deadly. A perfect combo for stealth missions. They are light and will be killed by most units in a few seconds. They play the role of "offensive" or "spy".

This Class has been deleted.

Light, Powerful Infantry that can eliminate enemy groups. Armed with a Grenade Launcher, Light Machine Gun, Clays and Bayonet they are super infantry. Maulers are medium to short range fighters, so close combat is the best way to fight. They are "Offensive" or "Artillery". They really do pack quite the punch.

Helpful Tips and Questions
*Wolf Packs: Fight in packs of three, your success rate will go higher so is the chance of surviving.
*Medic Station: Always have at least, one medic. Your team must be healed and if not will commit suicide, possibly opening your base for ambushes.
*Spy: Spy on an enemy for defences, then message your teammates and prepare for an assault.
*Don't be stupid: F5, Ctrl + W, Alt + F4, they ALL can make you exit out of a game.
*Camping: Might be noobish, but wins you big defence points.
*Never Goe Offduty to Chat: Most likey you'll be knifed and well that's the end of you.
*Spray like CRAZY!: Spraying is coverfire for teammates, if there going in that direction…Well Spray like Crazy.
*Never bring a knife to a gun fight: Recon in the middle of heavy fire, one word: STUPID!
*Don't step near that flag!: If there is a Mauler on a team, the flag is probably rigged.
*Join my Clan!: Ignore them, you'll get shot.
*Gahh, Stupid Elevation: Answer…Grenades! They pass walls, kill enemies in one sweet package.
*What Happened to F key?: It's now the melee key.
*The Word "noob": Don't get frustrated, instead just head towards your objective.
*I get killed too much :( : Camp, it will raise your K/D level.
*Suicide Bombers: Don't play there game, get a medic(s).
*I've read all of this! But I keep losing!: This is one man's opinion, look around :)
*I was Spawn Killed: Be a heavy, they will last for three knives.
*I died but he didn't touch me!: Lagging computers slow performence, You Run Away but he's there.
*Banzai Charge!: Suicide maybe, but try to kill everyone before they kill you!

Well hope this will help you in battle

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