Frequently Asked Questions

Why are people shooting through walls?

Read the article on height.

Is there friendly fire?

On the game roster, you can see if a game has friendly fire on or off.

NOTE: Due to an update, there is no longer friendly fire in the game.

What is "Cooldown"?

"Cooldown", in Pawn Tactics, is the time it takes for a gun to shoot a bullet right after another bullet has already been shot. In other words, the rate of fire.

What if you are killed by a friendly?

Pawn Tactics was updated so that your own teammates cannot kill you.

How many points do you get for certain actions?

You get:

  • 10 points per kill
  • -3 points per death
  • 25 points for being MVP
  • 25 points for being on the winning team
  • 5+ kills worth for capturing the flag

Note: All points received (excluding deaths) are multiplied by 1.1 while playing games with point requirements. The number of points subtracted for each time you die in games with point requirements is increased to 4 points taken off.

Do I have to register on both the game and the forums?

Since Pawn Tactics was moved to the Pawngame site, if you have not registered for Pawngame, you need to sign up again for Pawn Tactics. If you have registered for Pawngame already, you can use your existing account for Pawn Tactics. You will then be able to access the forums and the game with one account.

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