FPS is an acronym for frames per second. But what is frames per second? First of, try to think of a frame as a picture. For example, if you are watching a video which is playing at 30 frames per second, that means you are seeing 30 images squished into a single second. Pawn Tactics is a high speed game which runs at an average of 30 FPS. Anything lower will mean you are lagging while anything faster will make you react faster, and possibly cause the others to lag behind you.

Causes of Low\High FPS

First of the reasons is internet connection. If you connect using a slow connection, such as 56k dial-up, your FPS rate will be low, therefore causing lag.

The next reason would be your computer software and specifications. Computers without a fast enough processor or enough random-access-memory (RAM) will lag (depending on how much there is). Also, some programs have been shown to be more resource hungry than others. Having one or more programs open also uses more system resources, therefore leaving less processor speed and RAM to play Pawn Tactics. For example, running a virus scan while playing Pawn Tactics can create lag.

FPS and Lag

As you read above, both low and high FPS rates can cause high lag. However, the rate of FPS is not the only cause of lag. Please read the article on ping to learn more.

Raising your FPS

Are you constantly being kicked for having a low frames-per-second rate? If so, then read the below steps for raising your FPS.

Step 1

If you don't have Firefox 3, then get it right now. Firefox 3 has been shown to boost the FPS of Pawn Tactics using it versus other browsers.

Step 2

Flash Player 10 is the next major release of the flash player and has been proven to boost the performance of Pawn Tactics.

Click here to get Adobe Flash (scroll to the bottom for download links).

Step 3

It is suggested that you run Pawn Tactics in 800 x 600 resolution.

If you still run slowly, then run Pawn Tactics in 600 x 450 resolution, log-in, click on the Options tab (right-hand corner) and do the following:

  • Change the quality to low
  • Check "Hide enemy bullets"

See also: Ping

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