NOTICE: The words and their definitions may not be appropriate for young children

Word\Acronym Definition
afk away from keyboard
arse Old english version of the word "ass" now used as a common Internet Slang
ban hammer A person's ability to ban another person from a website
bs A slightly more polite acronym for bulls*
camp (or camping\camper) The action of staying in a certain place for a long period of time to either A. Wait for a person to unknowingly come (and get ambushed) or B. To gain shelter from enemies
flaming To insult somebody (See flaming for more)
fr00b See "n00b"
gah An expression of disappointment
gg Good game
gj Good job
gtfo Get the f* out
hacks (or hax) Any program used to gain an unfair advantage over other players on any game
imo (or imho) "In my opinion" or "in my honest opinion"
j00 |337speak for the word "you" (Refer to the Wikipedia article on leet)
j/k Joking
k (or kk) Short for okay
K\D (or Kills to death ratio) Your K\D is the result of dividing your amount kills by your amount deaths
ks Kill stealing
lol Laughing out loud
lmao Laugh my ass off
lmfao Laugh my f** ass off
mod (or moderator) A person who is responsible for "policing" a game
mod abuse To insult or mistreat a moderator
ms Acronym for milliseconds
n00b A new and\or inexperienced player or somebody who acts like one (also used as a common insult)
ns Nice shot
omg Oh my gosh/god (oh my god may be offensive to some Christians (read "The 10 Commandments"))
own 1. To overwhelmingly beat another player or 2. To beat another player against unfavorable conditions
ownage (or pawnage) The act of owning (See "own")
pr0n Porn\Pornography
troll See the Wikipedia article on trolling
ty (or tyvm) "Thank you" or "thank you very much"
rape To be killed easily or have been killed easily
rofl Rolling on floor laughing
warez Any illegally distributed file or software, such as a free music download or a pirated DVD
w\e Whatever
wth what the heck/hell
wtf What the f***
zomg A more offensive\intentional version of "OMG" (often used to bypass censors)
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