Guard (Class)

The Guard class is the second Heavy-Armored unit type placed into Pawn Tactics sometime after its Version 1.0 release, along with the Lancer class.


  • Sub Machine Gun with Ballistic Shield (200 rounds, fast automatic, Protection Mode by pressing Special Ability Button)
  • Pistol with Ballistic Shield (Unlimited ammo, semi-automatic, Protection Mode by pressing Special Ability Button)
  • Frag Grenades (equipped with two)
  • Heavy Armor

Role In the Game

The Guards' main role is to protect themselves and their teammates from projectile fire (bullets). Their shields, when on Protection Mode, can block all kinds of bullets (and Lancers' Rail Gun) that is coming onto the shield (it cannot protect bullets from the sides and back). However, Guards walk slower than ever (even on Sprint Mode) on Protection Mode and cannot resist damage from explosives such as Frags and the Mauler's Grenade Launcher and can't protect damage from Knives and Weapon Melee damage.

Guards can stand on elevated Zones in Assault Game Modes to protect almost any damage from harming defending teammates.

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