Mauler (Class)

The Mauler is a unit type that was to replace the Specialist class around the end of open beta of Pawn Tactics. They have a rather unique role in the battlefield.


  • MGL Grenade Launcher (20 rounds, semi-automatic)
  • MP7 SMG (200 rounds, automatic)
  • Claymore Mines (a set of 2)
  • K-Bar Knife
  • Medium Armor

Role In The Game

Maulers most special equipment is their grenade launcher; it is like firing smaller, cut-down versions of Frag Grenades, without the need of holding the Fire Button to add distance (though the grenades can't go pass boxes on the same level as the Mauler). The weapon was also pretty fast reacting to allow attacking camped enemies without exposing your body to them. Their Mines (inherited by the former Scouts) allows defense against charging Recons and blockades for pathways. They have a weak (but with a lot of ammo) Sub Machine Gun and a Knife against faster units that can dodge the grenades from the Launcher.


The MGL had a rather large blast radius, though its firepower was laughable. After Version 1.0 came out, patches increased the firepower strong enough to take down almost any unit class within 2 near-direct hits, though the blast radius decreased to balance it out.

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