MVP the clan

[MVP]. Most Valuable Pawnerz

MVP as we know it today was created on a fine July's day by a collaboration of our fearless leaders, T15M21 and Exclusive. After leaving their respective and respected WMD and DSX clans, the two big names of the time, and grabbing and in some cases, rick rolling and kidnapping a collection of pros including JohnWayne, AngryE, Galikinlin, Anarchy and many, many others, MVP was born.

After a really embarrassing false start involving LiteMare, fortune cookies and peanut butter, a massive set back that cost us some good players and time, MVP took up arms and by the first day, was 65th!… In a clan pool of just 110. Things got better though, as more people jumped aboard the never ending bandwagon that was, and still is, MVP.

Almost immediently, MVP was hit around by other top clans, labeled clan hoppers. Not that we gave a crap. The only thing clan-related we were hoping, was, well, other clans. With in 3 days, MVP closed in on the top 25 clans. With in 4, 18 clans. with lots of effort and determination, by the 6th day, MVP was in the top 15. Much partying and celebrations followed. With in a week, MVP had achieved what no one thought it could do. Reach the top 10, and rape everyone in it. And rape we did.

The next impossible task was drawn up. To get into the top 5. This time, no one doubted we could do it. With in another week, we got there, and one better. Top 4 spot was ours. Next, we set our eyes upon SOD, which had just passed 1 million points after months of agony. We got there in 22 days, and passed right by SOD. MVP was now on the podium.

The Beta MVP lasted long and fought hard, but after the departure of Exclusive the clan was not the same. T15 was no where to be found so leadership was pasted amongst the older members John Wayne and later AngryE after John Wayne left. T15 later reappeared and called for the title of leadership to be his, and it was for a bit. The clan had a power struggle amongst the few remaining members calling for a new action of leadership to be taken, eventually T15 knocked the remaining members out of the clan in order to gain a fresh start. In consequence he inadvertently caused the other members to despise the leadership, but he apologized for his action and a few came back. This was around the time AngryE called it quits, and only T15, Snipeman, and GriggsJordan remained. After a while Griggs left pt and later T15 handed control over to Snipeman. Snipeman later deleted MVP after being the only member remaining member left after a failed attempt to reestablish the clan, so that it could be remembered.

In more recent times after beta and the reset the rebirth of MVP had begun with a couple still loyal clan members of one original leader T15M21 and Snipeman. After the return of T15 a few months after the beta reset MVP was back on track. They were a feared bunch of close hooligans wreaking havok on the high ranked clans and eventually reached the top 10 in the clan rankings. But alas this did not last long for T15 had left PT for months and was unable to pass control onto Snipeman to keep it thriving. Eventually the lack of promotion and recruiting caused the clan to fall into the shadows. The remaining members went their separate ways a few weeks after the departure of T15, many bitter and wanting back the ways of old.

Months in the darkness and long forgotten T15 begins to bring back MVP like a graceful phoenix from the ashes, but this time with the help of a few still loyal members of the after reset MVP. Though Snipeman left recently after the new rebirth the clan began its struggle to climb back up the ranks and strike fear into the hearts of the high ranks. What will become of this new MVP only time will tell….

Notable Members Beta-
John Wayne

Notable Members After Beta/ Reset Era-


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