The Ranking System in this game is quite a… ranking system. You can organize it by the top 25, view them by the twenty-fives, or hundreds, or view either clan or player ranks.


Player ranking

To rank yourself, all you have to do is kill other players and\or capture the flag. Read the FAQ to see how many points you earn for certain actions.

Clan Ranking

Clan ranking works like this:

  1. A player joins the clan
  2. That player kills another player and gets 10 points
  3. Both the player and the clan get 10 points


Part 1

On the right, you will be able to see two buttons labeled "PLAYER RANK", and "CLAN RANK". When you click on either one of the buttons, you will shown the rank data for whatever your choice was (either rlayer rank or clan rank data). You will also see a search tool useful for searching a specific player or clan.

Part 2

You will also see buttons on the bottom. These will allow you to control what data you see or "flip the page".

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