Scout (Class)

The Scout Class was a somewhat popular unit type that appeared during the beginning stages of Pawn Tactics. They were also called Snipers because of their primary equipment.


  • Sniper Rifle (around 25 rounds, semi-auto, Scope as Special Ability)
  • Pistol (same power of the Assault and Support's pistol, but only have 32 bullets)
  • K-Bar Knife
  • Claymore Mines (equipped with 2)
  • Light Armor

Role In the Game

Scouts were like the opposite of the Heavies; they held back in higher locations and took down enemies from afar. Their powerful rifles had almost no spread of fire and had a scope that can be used by pressing the Special Ability Button. In this mode, the player's HUD is reduced to a Sniper Scope viewing the map, where everything outside the scope is black. The Scout cannot move in this vision, but the Moving Buttons can control the view, meaning the player can see further down a map than any other unit type can. Along with a limited ammo pistol, they had a knife (in case a Recon invasion happens) and a pair of Claymore Mines in case someone attempts to get to their position.

Their Sniper Rifle was strong enough to take down any Medium and Light Armored units within two shots, and their Armor allowed them to dodge incoming bullets.

Problems and Removal

The game servers soon started to have problems because of the Sniper Scope, so the creators and editors of the game removed the Scout's main reason why people use them. Losing a lot of popularity, a rather large patch removed them and was replaced by the Specialist Class.

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