Small But Helpful Tips

Here you will be shown quick, but very helpful tips and tricks to improve your performance in Pawn Tactics. The information here is widely known by experienced pros, but not the the average newbie.1

  • Do not place two claymore mines too close to each other:
    • Since grenades can destroy claymores, putting claymores close to each other will allow a single grenade to destroy multiple claymores. On the other hand, putting them far apart will require a player to use more than of his\her grenades to destroy you and\or your teammates' claymores.
  • The support class can not only heal your health…
    • But it can refill ammo for your main and secondary weapon as well2! This is especially useful for snipers who are more likely to live and see the point where they run out of bullets.
  • The Gauss rifle bullet does only 50% damage to a Recon, which has very light armor…
    • But that doesn't mean it won't even dent a heavy classes' health! It will actually do more damage to a heavy (with full health) - so much damage that a heavy would be finished off in two hits! They also pierce through to hit other enemy players, although taking away 50% of its damage each time.
  • When placing claymore mines…
    • Make sure to put it somewhere that the enemy has to pass through in order to kill you or reach your flag/base. Ideal places are in tight passageways, doorways, or even right on top of your flag. Due to that, the enemy cannot bypass your claymore, and will either have to destroy it, or wait for friendlies. Never place the claymore in a spot that the enemy does not need to go through or where the enemy could easily walk around. Never place a claymore on top of a cement wall, although they look dangerous, they can not hurt the enemy.
  • Place claymores on flags…
    • Since grenades can destroy claymores, they are essentially useless (except for fending off recons). Therefore you should place claymores on flags and by doing that, most enemies will usually not see it, step over it, and die. That is because most claymores are now placed on entrances, which distract most enemies from any other "hidden" claymores.
  • Use flashbangs:
    • To take out campers. If you throw a flashbang inside a base, and hide behind a barrier before it explodes, anybody inside the base will be blinded. However, if you hid behind a barrier, you will still be able to see, rush inside, and kill many players on the other team.
    • To capture a zone. In order to capture a zone, all you have to do is stay there for five seconds. The way flashbangs can be useful is for heavily defended zones. All you have to do is throw a flashbang in a zone, walk in, and let the flashbang explode. You will be blind, but so will your enemies. The blinding screen of white will allow you to stay in a zone longer, and possibly capture it. Never throw a flashbang aimlessly at higher ground. You will blind your teammates and waste a flashbang.
  • When you are a heavy and you are fighting another Heavy
    • Don't use the minigun to fight back. Instead, you should use the secondary weapon, which is the Desert Eagle. It may seem suicidal, but listen to this:
      • The heavy class wears heavy armor (duh)
      • The minigun uses explosive bullets
      • Heavy armor reduces all damage a player takes by 50%
      • Heavy armor also reduces all damage caused by explosive bullets by another 50%
    • So by using a minigun, which deals 7 damage regularly, you will only deal about 2.5 damage per round to a heavy!
    • Now let's look at the stats for the Desert Eagle:
      • The Desert Eagle uses armor piercing bullets
      • The heavy class is very vulnerable to armor piercing bullets, because armor piercing bullets do twice as much damage to a heavy!
      • The Desert Eagle (after taking in the fact heavy armor reduces all damage by half) will do an incredible 25 damage to a heavy (despite it's heavy armor) per shot!
      • When fighting a single guard (with something other than the guard)

*Few people know this, but you can actually shoot over the shield. When you are a heavy, stick your Desert Eagle over his shield and shoot him. If you are a recon, use your MP5, and fire at him moving around him (and through him). Most of the other classes can kill a guard in a similar way.

  • Shoot around and through corners:
    • If you have a long gun (e.g. Vulcan or Sniper), then you can shoot around corners. Place your long gun over the corner of a barrier so the the end sticks out. This allows you to shoot while behind a barrier you can't shoot over.
    • Also, in a 2 by 2 tile area, if there are two barrier tiles diagonal to each other, you can place your gun so that the end sticks out the other end of the barriers. This fully protects you from bullets coming at you from the front while you can shoot back.
  • Lagging:
    • When you lag there is a 75% chance that YOU WILL DIE!!! Take advantage of these lags and kill your frozen opponents. This is the best time to kill your strongest opponent. These are called lag spikes which can get you kicked for high ping though and your victims tend to complain about it. Note: A recent update has significantly lowered lagging, and lag spikes are now a rarity.
  • Long or Short Grenades:as you know the longer a player holds a grenade the farther it will go and thus you should rush in against the person throwing a grenade it gives you a few seconds to shoot or melee and maybe more if your enemy is surprised by the sudden rush,open,wide spaces are the best place to try this,i wouldn't recemend this in tight places.
  • Assualt V.S Assualt in melee if you try to fight each other head-on you'll both probably die,so try to charge through him and hit him from behind with melee,at least it'll give you 1 free hit.
  • Mouse tips for assualts whenever you want to shoot (DO NOT HOLD unless you're chaseing the flag holder in assualt) instead just click when you want to shoot because.
  • 1. assualts have a recoil time and in that recoil time you could get attacked if you hold and be caught off guard.
  • 2.not holding the shoot button but instead clicking it will make you better prepared for sudden ambushes.
  • tend to focus more and get more accurate shoots.
  • Defense Against Cons For Assualts when a con charges at you,move torwards the side where the recon has his knife and towards at the recon at the same time,thats because most recon players are so focused on killing you they tend to shift their bodies to the opposite side of their knife hand to quicken the slashing motion,so if you move inside and torwards the side with the knife you have a chance of messing up their timing and getting in too close for their K-bar and delivering a quick deathblow.

Good Communication
Use team chat, at times, it can be helpful. Also, it prevents teammates from destroying your claymores.

Stay High
Being at higher ground makes it harder for others to hit you and avoid grenade explosions. However, mauler grenades and grenades get thrown at seemingly random places. Melee attacks also don't work as well for some reason.
When someone is throwing a grenade, (most of the time) you should charge him. Usually, they will be too shocked to change weapons and throw grenades randomly behind you.
Recon Pistol
The NightHawk can be useful to pick off low-health players. Also, when you knife a medium-armored player, and he barely survives, the NightHawk does just enough damage to kill him.
Height Advantage
Remember that the Assault class can sometimes shoot people who have the higher ground. This is because some classes have a different "height which allows them to shoot higher than others.

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