the Height /Fall of PT

Height of Pawn & Fall
PT at it's height was around 2009-2011 though no specific date indicates when PT started declining.
The decline was due to the stagnation of the game and the Jpillz and Blank 101 failure to produce their new game "ZED" in 3 years, the game is still incomplete to this day.

players of PT at it's height and back then differ from the PT players.
1.Old time PT players had respect for rules(no Hevs,Guards,no Recon MP5 rule)
2.Old time PT players had honor
3.Old time PT players were tremendously much skilled, at PTs height very good players could take on 3 avg players maybe even 4.

The new type PT players;
1.have no rules (hev,guards, basically no hands barred)
2.they won't admit when someone has skill most(99%) of the time
3.compared to the Old timers they've lost their edge

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