What's New to 0.02.01

Issues with the Update

As with all updates, you might have error messages such as "incorrect version". To fix that, simply read this guide on clearing your cache.


  • The aura animation has been removed to improve performance
  • The Clan ranks section will now display the owner of clan
  • Swear filter has been added
  • The Heavy class now reduces damage it takes by 50% (from 40%)
  • The Recon class may now fire the Nighthawk pistol while being cloaked (without de-cloaking) and has a more powerful MP5
  • Fragmentation grenades now have to ability to destroy claymore mines within their blast radius
  • The spacebar is now used to toggle running
  • Left clicking is now used to lay a mine
  • Radio commands are now used by pressing Shift + 1-4
  • The font color has been change to white (from black) and has a black glow\outline for improve visibility
  • Multiple font changes have occurred
  • Arrows ( ← → ) are now used to display clan tags compared to the previous usage of brackets ( [ ] ), for example:
New ( ← → ) Previous ( [ ] )


  • Territory War is now available on Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch games
  • Courtyard has had minor graphics-related fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which minimap player tokens would not disappear if a player left the game while standing far away from you
  • Fixed a bug in Firefox 3 which caused the mouse scroll wheel to make the weapons scroll by 2 instead of 1
  • Fixed a bug with the test map feature which caused the loader bar to not move
  • Fixed a bug with the test map feature that caused the screen to goto the lobby and flash rapidly when loading
  • Fixed a bug which caused "Unknown Team: undefined" to show up many times on the score board in team deathmatches
  • Fixed the game fonts
  • Minimap updates now occur for non-assault area captures

Security Updates

  • None
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